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King by Ellen Oh

Ellen Oh is a dynamic and engaging speaker. With a creative and unique power point providing constant visual support for her remarks, Ellen effortlessly held the attention of Norwood’s 7th – 8th graders as she took them through the writing process from idea to research to multiple drafts. The students were fascinated to learn the Korean lore behind Prophecy and enjoyed hearing about Ellen’s determination to base her book on a strong female warrior protagonist. After hearing Ellen, students rushed to the Book Fair to buy her book. How wonderful to generate so much excitement for literature!
– Sue Gail Spring, librarian, Norwood


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We loved having Ellen! Our kids were already super excited to meet her because of all the fun facts on her website and because they were loving “Prophecy.” The presentation was a big hit with our students, Ellen kept them laughing, but when we were back in book group the teens were talking all about the We Need Diverse Books movement and what they could do to help. It was a very dynamic and engaging presentation that we are sure to be talking about for a long time!
– Nico Piro, librarian, Arlington Public Library



Ellen Oh’s work with young adolescents at our school has been absolutely incredible. Ellen is personable, informative and a great storyteller! When talking to youngsters about the publishing of a book, she entices the students to begin thinking about ideas for their first book. It is important for students today to have the opportunity to meet and greet (and have their books signed) an author of Ellen Oh’s caliber. Book her as soon as you can to visit your school.
– Kisha Brown, Middle School Educator


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Ellen Oh is the rare kind of writer who can give readers a fascinating taste of ancient history blended with fast paced dramatic action. She adds just the right amount of humor and weaves in details of historical importance, making this book a one-of-a-kind crowd pleaser. Ellen Oh has an amazing way of meeting many a different reader’s needs in a novel.
– Katy Oskoui, Librarian at Holy Child


Ellen’s visit was fantastic! Her presentation was thoughtful, funny, and engaging. She really knows how to connect with students and make them conscious of racial discrimination and whitewashing in the media. Students will look at character representation with new eyes.
– Laura Potocki, HS Librarian


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As an educator, our school often has visitors to enter the classrooms to “talk” with our students. However, you would have to be in the room to realize the wealth of information, Ellen Oh provides to our middle school students who either love to read or read because it is required of them. When Ms. Oh is presenting her new book to a student group, the students are literally sitting on the edge of their seats while she describes both the writing process, as her talk about the quantity of reading she had to complete in order to begin drafting her book, and they loved every minuteKing by Ellen Oh of her presentation.
– E. Love, Middle School Teacher

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